To Market We Go

I head to Las Vegas each January to the World Market Center to participate in the furnishing show and this year Lauren joined me. We treated ourselves to first class for the hop over to Vegas, arriving early on Sunday for the first day of Market.

I look forward to this show every year. It’s our opportunity to visit current trade vendors and experience products first hand – to see, touch, and get a sense of quality so we can source and specify. It’s also an opportunity to pick up new accounts so we can offer new product to our clientele, see new ideas, trends, and get excited about design all over again. We’ve been working over the last number of years to curate our trade accounts to offer a thorough selection of furnishings and accessories that speak to our design style and “hand.” It’s a work in progress and truthfully may never be completely done. Maybe that’s the fun in all this.

So, Day One, we step out of the Uber and walk across the street to Market. The World Market Center consists of 3 mini skyscraper-type buildings with between 10 to 16 floors of showrooms, in addition to three pavilion tents filled with cash and carry vendor type items and product vendors. As we round the corner to enter, we are surrounded by swarms of well dressed, fast moving buyers and designers on their way to start the “hunt.” Lauren looked at me and said, “This is really a big deal,” and she is right. It’s so exciting and so fun to just be at Market and the rush to find new product makes me want to come back every year. I look forward to sharing some of what we found on this trip.

So, here we go…

California Home Design Trends
California Home Design Trends

We were on the hunt for rugs and hides. We found some lovely blue, patterned rugs at a favorite vendor and some gorgeous hides at a new source. The quantity and quality of the hides was spectacular. Truly beautiful and many in large sizes, which can be more difficult to find.

Current Home Design Trends
Current Home Design Trends

These two beautiful rugs really caught our eye. The first is from Ellen DeGeneres’ line of viscous or silk look-a-like rugs. It is the most beautiful line; pale in color, classic in style. One of my favorites. The second is from the Patina Collection which has the most gorgeous color waves in a distressed style. Really beautiful.

Santa Rosa Home Decor Design Trends

Day Two, we woke to a clear, brisk, sunny morning. We ordered room service, early, so we could get a good jump on the day, as we had made good progress through Building A but had B and C still to go. Day Two is a full day with lots to see, lots of walking, and a bit of a sense of urgency, as it is our only full day scheduled. High on the list was to make the meet-and-greet with Jeff Lewis at a favorite showroom of ours, Alder and Tweed. That was set for 2 o’clock, so we set our alarm and started out.


We were a little late getting back to the showroom for the meet-and-greet, so when we arrived, the line was already about 1/2 a block long with super excited women. We made our way to the back and within minutes along came Gage taking photos with each of us in line. He was adorable! They shut down the line about 5 people behind us. I think Lauren would have disowned me had we been any later. We finally made it up to the front of the line and stepped in to meet and get a photo with Jeff. Boy, is he tall! He was pretty smitten with my friend Lauren. It was a really fun end to another great shopping day!

Here are a few favorite finds from Day Two... 

Northern California Home Decor Trends

We added a new bedding line shown above. It’s a small line with quilts, coverlets, shams and duvets. Beautiful fabrics with lovely texture and hand. They will be bringing a sheet line shortly which is a true “wow.” I can hardly wait to share. Really a special offering. Here is a detail shot of the sheeting below.

Northern California Home Decor Trends
Northern California Home Decor Trends

We also came across this Marin based fine art print company. Funny to meet a super local source that we did not know existed. We will be spending some more time getting to know them and their prints. They offer over 3,500 reproduced antique images and offer European matting and framing. Truly elegant art pieces that we will be proud to offer.

Sonoma County Home Decor Trends

Absolutely in love with these chairs. A new source that we need to spend a bit more time exploring their product. Well priced, nice lines. These chairs will show up in one of our designs…just not sure where yet.

We capped off the day with dinner at Giada and popped back to our hotel to watch the views from the 16th floor and get to bed early for our last day in Las Vegas. Our hotel room looked out towards The Stratesphere and at night the lights were quite stunning with the mountain ranges in the background.

Sonoma County Home Design Trends

Day Three began a little rough because the SLS does not have coffee pots in the room. I need to remember this for next year and chose another hotel. Coffee is my drug of choice! So, upon waking and calling for room service, we were told a pot of coffee was 45 minutes out. So, that not being acceptable, we showered and headed straight to Market to grab a hot cup of coffee.

Sonoma County Home Decor Trends
Sonoma County Home Decor Trends

We found this incredible table and chest that we have been wanting to specify for some time. They are both from a current vendor that we are beginning to use more of. They offer beautiful furniture, upholstery, and accessories. I just love the chunky legs on the table. We would mix with some rattan and slipcovered linen chairs. Can you picture just how stunning that would be?

Santa Rosa Home Decor Trends

And here are a few of our new favorites from a fantastic rep that has a beautiful variety of vendors. Shown above is a curated selection of art that we just loved. Each piece from this line has incredible quality, beautiful framework, and unbelievable pricing. We will be using this more this coming year.


And the lighting, equally stunning, special, and just what Tama Bell Design will be specifying in 2018 and beyond!

So, that’s a wrap. Three days in Vegas done! It’s such a fun, quick trip. We are always able to see so much and it’s so nice to be just a short flight to and from home.

I always feel that while we come back with a good batch of new vendors, there is still so much we missed. I guess we will just have to keep making the trip. Here’s to patiently waiting for next January and the 2019 Market!