The Love List: Annabelle

I am so excited to be writing this blog and sharing what we have been working on, besides our usual design projects this year. We are so thankful and grateful to have the opportunity to do the work that we do, helping clients design and create beautiful spaces, and we want to give back.

A while back, I came across a story of an interior designer in Southern California who was doing charitable work, designing rooms for children with serious illnesses. Her work and the concept truly spoke to Lauren and me and we've been wanting to put something in place here in Sonoma County through Tama Bell Design.

It will be a continuing segment in our blog, The Love List. We’ve used that as a space to introduce interesting vendors and products that we love, and we are going to use it as the vehicle to give back and hopefully design rooms for deserving folks each year.

We are hopeful that we can do this two to four times a year, once we have it up and running, and we are counting on our readers to help us find the people and the stories behind the room designs. So, if you know of a child that you think would fit our criteria, please reach out to us.

So, here we go. We are currently working on designing a room for a special little girl who will be two in October. Her name is Annabelle. The post below is written by her mother, Sarah, and this is her story.

“In this picture Annabelle is approximately 2.5 months old. She was our beautiful, perfect, healthy baby. It was shortly after this that we noticed her very subtle seizures. From the time this picture was taken until now Annie has been fighting one hell of a fight. 


She's failed 17 different medications and treatments for her seizures. This includes the keto diet, CBD oil and stem cell therapy. From the time she was 2.5 months old she's only had short spurts of being seizure free, but they always seem to come back. 

She has a large area on the right side of her brain that is malformed, and she has a very small spot on the left side that is also malformed. The malformation is called cortical dysplasia and it is what is causing her seizures. 

Failure after failure and after a lot of false hoping, we have FINALLY been approved for epilepsy surgery. Annabelle will be getting a right side functional hemispherectomy, which is a complete disconnection of the right side of her brain. We're hopeful that this will greatly reduce her seizure load, and any remaining seizures will hopefully be controlled with medication. 

It is by far her best chance, so we're taking it. Either we do the surgery, or we do nothing, and we will NEVER do nothing. 

Her surgery date is August 29th, and we will do our best to keep you all updated as we go. 

Thank you all so much for your continued love and support for Annabelle. It means more to us than we could ever express. 

Annabelle's fight will never truly be over, but this surgery will make it a little easier on her”.

Annabelle had her surgery, was in the hospital for a number of days but is now back at home. Sarah tells us she is doing well but has a lot of rest and recovery to go.

We will be chronicling the design process as we go. This is our first time doing this so we will do our best to keep you posted on our progress. We started last month with a visit to the house. We took measurements and photos of the space so that we could start thinking about designing the room. We put pen to paper (well, actually it’s all on the computer now) beginning with a rough floor plan concept and some fabric selections that jumped onto the design page. We are now working on the case pieces, rug, art, and accessories. We don’t have the full picture yet, but we are close.


We’ve set up a Go Fund me page, the response has been amazing and we’ve had donations totaling more than $6,000.00 so far! But, we still need all of your support. Our goal is $10,000.00 so we can make this special little girl’s room as special as she is and hopefully be able to give the family a nice check at the end as well. Anything helps and your support is greatly appreciated from all of us here at Tama Bell Design and Annabelle’s family!

We are super excited about the opportunity to give back and we are hopeful that we can do more good work for years to come. At Tama Bell Design, we are firm believers that the space we inhabit contributes to how we feel, and we strive to create spaces that nurture and make people feel good. It’s our why. What’s yours?

Want to join us? If you would like to help us or donate to Annabelle’s room you can contact us or go directly to our Go Fund Me account for this room design. Here is the link:

Thank you, as always, for taking an interest in what we are doing here at Tama Bell Design!