Understanding the Design Process: Step Two

Step Two: Space Planning


The second step in our process is Space Planning. It is the foundation of our work and is often an overlooked piece of the design process.

You may not know what is wrong, but you know when something is not right. With 20 plus years of experience, we have seen just about everything and we know how to fix floor plan problems with realistic planning.

·         Are your spaces too small?

·         Does your space not flow or function for your needs?

·         Have you thought about adding on?

·         Is it time to renovate your kitchen or bathrooms?

·         Is your house dark or dated?

·         Does your house just not feel good?

We believe that space matters and how it is organized sets the base for how a space functions and feels. We strive to create simple, smart floor plans that flow and work for the people that use them.


Shown above is an example of a floor plan with the before or “as-built” and the after with new furniture planning. This is a good example of an older home with multiple smaller rooms that were opened up to create a more contemporary, “great room” feel.

We create floor plans that make the most of square footage, minimize unused space and maximize flow. A good floor plan creates a rhythm that makes the space feel good, grounded, and calm.  A bad floor plan cannot be remedied by just making the space beautiful with the use of interior design. Space should be addressed first, and the aesthetic surfaces follow.

Tama Bell Design is an interior design firm with many successful interior design and space planning projects in Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Petaluma and throughout Sonoma County.