Understanding the Design Process: Step One

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what our formal process is and what the patterns are in what we do project to project. In reflecting on this, I’ve separated the process into four distinct steps. We most often participate in all the steps but sometimes two or three of the steps.

I am going to expand briefly on our first step, which is Architectural Styling. It’s the first piece in the puzzle, the curb appeal or lack there-of…

Step One: Architectural Styling

We like to think big picture, which for us means starting by looking at the property as a whole. This first step is what we call Architectural Styling. We address what is working and what is not. Looking at the areas that can be altered, added to and improved, to present the house in its best light. It’s the first important piece to address before we move inside to address flow and function.

We assess details such as:

·         Is the drive-up pleasing and does it work for the house and grounds?

·         Is there a proper entry?

·         Is it obvious where you should enter?

·         Does the landscaping present well?

·         Does the house have curb appeal?

·         Does the architecture need to be changed or added to?

·         What is the best version of the house/style?

These are but a few of the questions we address when looking at the overall picture and starting a project. We believe that we are not addressing the whole vision, if we are just looking at the inside of a space. So, we like to start on the outside and address the architectural shell and work our way in from there.

At Tama Bell Design, while we love aesthetics, we live for how a space feels. We nurture space, inside and out, so that it feels good, and subsequently you can too.

Architectural Styling In Sonoma County


Architectural Styling In Santa Rosa


Architectural Styling In Sonoma County California


Architectural Styling In Santa Rosa California


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