A Set Table

So, my goodness it is already November. I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone. Lauren and I are preparing to throw a baby shower for my oldest daughter at the beginning of December. So, with that hot on our “to-do” list, it seemed fitting to write a post about event or table decorating. It also made me think about the upcoming holiday season and has me thinking about how I may set the table for some family events coming down the pike.


I just love planning for a party and setting a table. I’m generally not a “theme” kind of a person, but when it comes to an event or party, having a concept or direction is so helpful and makes the creative process truly fun.

My preference in table settings is to use natural elements such as flowers, greenery, and elements of wood, metal and of course ceramics. My own collection of plates, pottery and ceramics is a bit over the top, but so comes in handy when creating a table-scape.

Because we are expecting a little boy, for our shower, we chose to work with a winter garden theme. I found some wood rounds locally at a home goods store rather than adding on to my husband’s honey-do list!

Then I just want to add lots of white and green, in roses, eucalyptus and linen with some highlights of blue and bits of antique gild. And, maybe just a hundred or so bird nests, eggs and of course a few vintage inspired birds!

Like design, I think you need to have a jumping off or starting point. That can be the table cloth or runner. Where do you want to start with color and or texture? Then what are the other elements that will be added. And, of course what is seasonal with flowers and greenery. I always think that the naturals are what make the design shine.

Our table settings may turn out something like this…maybe a little less formal as it will be for a larger group. But, definitely with this visual vibe.

Winter Garden Setting Cropped.jpg

And then we will add garlands of eucalyptus, seeded, silver leaf and maybe some bay or olive to round it out…

(Photo credit to Garland Guy)

To wrap up, start with a design concept or theme, select a palette with color and texture, add a variety of elements for interest and top off with a gorgeous selection of flowers and greenery. Or, what I call decorating with the naturals! Cheers!