My Design Revolution and a New Showroom Space

In the Fall of 2016, after a year of business classes that took me back and forth to the East Coast, it became obvious that it was time to find a new location for Tama Bell Design.

Gravenstein render.jpg

We have been slowly growing and adding team members with the addition of Lori Olson as Office Manager and my daughter, Lauren Bell coming on board as a Designer. And, while my first office space worked when it was just me, three hundred square feet does not work when there are three or four of us all in the office, at the same time.

So, the hunt began to find a larger space in downtown Sebastopol. Not an easy feat. But, after a bit of a hunt, I was lucky enough to find a space in a new construction project spearheaded by the Tombe family. I loved the floor to ceiling windows, high ceilings and the opportunity to have a bit of a say in the finishes. Here is a picture of the front of the building during construction.


The original move in date was April first, but due to our rainy winter it was pushed back a number of months, and we were finally able to move in the last week of August.  It has been hard to be patient, but when left with little other choice one must conform. But here we are and we are in! We cannot wait to show you our new space and the vision behind what Tama Bell Design will be offering to our clients!

Here is the working floor plan. Our new space is 1130 square feet which gives us an opportunity to showcase product that we love and recommend to our clients moving forward. To that end, we have been hard at work curating our "go-to" list of trade sources to provide our design clients with some really beautiful, new product lines.  The goal has been to add soft and hard good vendors, including the classics, our tried and true, and unique and one of a kind pieces to our offerings. We want to provide our own version of wine country living and continue to create spaces that are classic, clean and quiet. Our motto is we make sophistication comfortable! 

Gravenstein floorplan.jpg

We also want to be able to offer our version of “pop-up” shows hosted in our space with invited vendors showing what they make and create. It is our opportunity to show you the things that we come across and truly love. Please stay tuned for upcoming events!


Here are some photos of our new space as it was coming together.


We hung pendants sourced on a trip to LA throughout the space. The concrete floors were cleaned up, sanded down and a glossy finish applied to keep the industrial look but add a layer of elegance and shine. The floors are the most beautiful color of charcoal and have the most perfect, imperfections! The contrast with the gloss, the bits of exposed aggregate and the overall, elevated, rustic look is just perfect for our new space.


Next on our list was to add a large built-in cabinet that would act as a partition from the main working space and our back, storage area.  We chose to back the cabinet in ship lap to create the wall portion and to add some interest and texture to the large, open space.

And then it was just moving our collection of desks, cabinets, accessories, art, files and a pretty substantial library of tile, flooring, fabric, wallpaper and the like. It was a massive amount of stuff and more than I thought was possible to stuff into our tiny three hundred square foot original office. That took about a week and of course our move coincided with a heat wave with temperatures in the 110 range here in Sebastopol. Thank God for air conditioning. 


So, we did it. We moved in to this most beautiful, spacious,
light-filled space and we are ready for you to come and see it! 

Gravenstein 1.jpg
Gravenstein 2.jpg
Gravenstein 3.jpg