Remaking of the Main House at Knowlton Farms & Vineyard

An unusual project for me, I was called in to completely furnish the two story, 2200 square foot main residence set in a bucolic and really a darn near perfect six acres just outside of Sebastopol. That in and of itself is not really unusual for us, but usually it occurs with a full renovation and over the course of a year or sometimes two. This needed to be done quickly and by quickly, I mean four weeks. 

Luckily for me, as we have grown and gotten increasingly more busy, we have been able to add team members like Lori in the office and my daughter, Lauren, out in the field. So, we were able to hit the ground running. 

We started with a floor plan to determine furniture pieces for what would amount to 17 separate areas, including a covered outdoor patio. With an idea of general furniture type and placement we set out to find product that was immediately available or with a quick order and delivery turnaround. We did this without giving up the aesthetic that seemed to speak to the house and the grounds. That, is really important to us as a team. We want it to be right.

The installation day crowd consisted of the three of us in the office, myself, Lauren and Lori, and two men, Jake and Mike, who did all the heavy lifting, assembly and hanging of items. Those two have the patience of saints, what with all the “move it a snitch” this way or that! It is really nice to see the team grow and see what we can accomplish together. 


Here are several before and after photos.
Living Room  |  Dining Room  |  Master Bedroom


I amazed myself that we were able to complete this project in four weeks. We provided the client with a beautiful end result, fitting of the lovely quality of the home. I could not have done it by myself. Thank you Team Tama Bell Design!

To read about the entire Remaking of the Main House at Knowlton Farms & Vineyard process, or to view photos the house after we finished, please visit the project story page (HERE) and  portfolio page (and HERE).

Here's a sneak preview of the Remaking.. to see the entire video of Remaking of the Main House at Knowlton Farms & Vineyard click HERE.