A Touch of Black

I believe a touch of black should be included in all design in some way. It is grounding, classic and dramatic. And depending on your bravery or comfort level it can be used in small ways or in a large, striking way.


One of the elements that I have been playing more with is adding drama but adding it in a way that is still somewhat quiet. That can be done with over scaled lighting, dark colors, a larger piece of furniture to name a few ways. An excellent example of this is an over-scaled bed, like the one shown in the top right image. It's lines are classic but it's scale is not standard and on top of that it is painted a matte black. It adds a punch against a backdrop of white, linen and spring green accents. I added the lamps with gold bases and black shades with a Greek key motif. I love the contrast of the bright with the black. It speaks to my design sense and still falls into the category of traditional and classic.

Don't be scared to use black, use it on a wall, use it on furniture or use it in your accessories or soft goods. When done well, it lends an air of sophistication and can elevate a space.