Just the Right White

It is ring number 7, in my bag of Benjamin Moore paint tricks. The ring of off white colors. And, while to some that seems a boring ring of "color," to me it is the really good stuff.

It is the ring where I am able to find the perfect back drop on which to paint the picture of the home or office for that particular client. It's the base that will translate the test time and help to create the peaceful, clean, crisp spaces that I enjoy.  Most often, I use a pale palette, of off white colors and pale yellows, blues, greens and grays.

Color is specific to a space and it's quality and quantity of light. For a project, I start with a palette in my office, then take small samples to the site. From that initial trip I create larger samples (at least 10 x 12) to take back to finalize what colors will be put up on the walls. It's the best way to be sure the colors all work together in the space they will reside!