Shades of Blue and Green

Oh, what a day full of treasures. I have been so enjoying a field trip down to Marin with a pop-in to Anthropology. They have the most fun plates, in a variety of sizes. And, as one of my trademarks is a plate display, they play perfectly into my shopping plans, even if I don’t know yet where they will live or with whom.

I also came across these wonderful metal tins both in Petaluma at Cokas Diko and in Sonoma at Artifacts. They are reasonably priced and add a bit of industrial chic to an otherwise elegantly curated space. Love them clustered in a grouping of two, three or four.

And, lastly this lovely boat vignette that I came across on the internet. It reminds me of Inverness where I grew up and I am in love with the placement of the boats and the lovely shade of green. Patterns and shades of blue and green it is today!