The Closet Audit

I love organizing. I use it in my day to day work, as design is also a form of organization. I find it harder to get the ball rolling when it comes to my closet. It can be overwhelming. But, I like all of my spaces to be both beautiful and functional. So today, we talk closets!

Ballard Design Carsten Gold Hook Rack, Black No-Slip hangers, Chrome Valet Rod and Ballard Bardot Mirror

Ballard Design Carsten Gold Hook Rack, Black No-Slip hangers, Chrome Valet Rod and Ballard Bardot Mirror

At least once a week I find myself feeling as if I have nothing to wear; when the reality is that I have a walk-in closet full of really nice clothes. Sometimes it is just really hard to see what you have and what you truly love through all the clutter and hoarding. (And I admit I am a clothes hoarder). It is hard to let go of some things; either because you spent a certain amount of money on them, or you might fit into it again, or your body type may magically change and it’ll look really good on you like it did on the twig mannequin at the department store. The truth of the matter is we need to figure out what our style aesthetic is and wear only what really looks and feels good on you!

Here are my recommendations for doing a good purge and getting your closet in order:

1.  Set up a realistic amount of time so you are able to go through your entire closet in one sitting. Don't set yourself up for failure with starting and not being able to finish the process. It will just create more chaos and mess.

2.  Enlist the help of a good friend who really gets who you are and what your style aesthetic is and who will tell you the truth when you really do look fat in those pants.

3. Start with the power-sort. Start at one end of your closet and start pulling everything out item by item. Don't over think it. Make three piles for things that:

    a.  You love and wear all of the time

    b.  You are not quite ready to get rid of

    c.  Items you know aren’t working (donate or consign these locally)

4.  For the items that you are not quite ready to get rid of ask yourself the following questions:

    a.  Does is make you feel good?

    b.  Do you get compliments when you wear it?

    c.  Do you feel uncomfortable when you actually do wear it?

5.  Be brutally honest. If it does not serve you and make you feel good, get rid of it and make space for your loved clothing to breathe and maybe it’ll make a space for a new special item that makes you feel incredible.

6.  Being a designer, I think that this is also a good time to do a little (or a lot) of upgrading to your closet space:

    a.  How about a new coat of paint?

    b.  Change out old rods with new chrome or satin nickel ones;

    c.  Change out old hangers to a better quality brand (say white plastic to black or nickel hangers);

    d.  Add shelving, drawers and/or closet organizers;

    e.  Add a pull-out valet (my favorite accessory) and bag, belt, tie racks to open wall areas;

    f.  If possible add an island (this can be a piece of furniture) and/or a rug;

    g.  Add a beautiful mirror;

    h.  Hang your jewelry on beautiful hooks if you have unused wall space.

Think of your closet as any other room in the house and one that you want to be special. When my closet is both tidy and beautiful it truly creates the perfect start to my day.