The Basics of Monograms

There is a basic etiquette to monograms which I will be touching on today. Monograms truly make nice things nicer, they elevate and add a little extra and also add a layer of personalization and comfort. It can be confusing about how and when to use.

Images from Cottage Colony

Images from Cottage Colony

The basic guidelines are as follows:

·      Single-initial monograms typically use the last name initial.

·      Two-initial monograms usually combine the first and last initials of one person.

·      Three-initial monograms for the single person is typically first, last, middle with the last name initial larger than first and middle. If all the letters are the same size then usually it is laid out with first, middle and then last initial.

·      Three-initial monograms for the married couple include several options. The most obvious choice is a joint monogram including the initials of both people with the more traditional approach to groom's initial first, married last initial and then bride's initial. The bride's initial first is a more modern approach, that has a more casual feel.

I think adding monograms to home design is a lovely layer and adds charm and personalization. Wonderful to use in areas such as bed and bath linens and pillows, in private and public spaces. It adds that personal touch, and in my opinion, stands the test of time.