You Want to Sleep How Many? The Evolution of a Custom Bunk Bed...

I am really excited about writing this blog. This is the tale of the evolution of a custom bunk bed built to sleep four. It all began when the client wanted to have multiple bunk beds in one of the bedrooms in a renovation project I was working on. I had yet to design a single set of bunk beds in my career, and I was being asked to design a pair. I decided to jump in with both feet!

I started with a visit to Pinterest to peruse the images for just the right look for the vintage renovation on this cottage. I settled in on a horizontal tongue and groove backdrop with a metal pipe concept for the ladders that I found in this fun image below. It provided a simple, yet elegant design so as not to have the beds seem too bulky or too cutesy. 

(From Country Living Magazine, Brian Patrick Flynn, Designer)

We originally were thinking twin beds on top with full beds below but for a number of reasons decided to go with full over full which would work better with the ladder design. It also would provide sleeping area for not only multiple children but also multiple adults. This house is a weekend house and will be full of family and friends visiting from near and far.

Tom Parsons, my favorite local contractor, agreed to build the beds and the ladders. It began with electrical loops set behind for individual lighting at each bunk, adding horizontal tongue and groove to the back and side wall that the bunk beds were being built on, then building the framework of the bunks. We were very conscious of height for headroom and scale as we were talking about 4 full size beds. The concern was the piece was going to feel massive in the average sized bedroom. 


Next the framework was cased in the same horizontal tongue and groove and trimmed out to finish it up. Cedar board was added to create the front rail of each bunk bed and was then lightly stained and finished to bring out the gorgeous grain. The look was to conjure up the feel of a sleeping bunk on a sailing vessel.

Here is what it looks like currently. We need to finish and install the metal ladders, add the mattresses and shop for pretty bedding!