Color Me Happy!

 Typically my accent color tastes run to the red and the blue tones. But when I stepped foot into Free Range in Petaluma, I fell in love with these Kelly green enamel canisters. I was compelled to purchase two, without a plan for where they would go.


 They ended up gracing the top shelf at one end of my office and I can covet them as I sit and ponder at my desk.

I found it interesting that as soon as I purchased the canisters I started seeing this lovely spring green popping up at all my favorite shops and haunts. It has become my favorite 2015 spring accent color. Some of my favorite items in this color are the pillows that I found at Cokas Diko and some lovely ceramic ginger jars that I spotted at the Design Center.

 This wonderful shade of green truly speaks to spring and conjurs up feelings of newness, happiness and energy. I am loving it in art, on rustic artifacts, fabric, and when used well, even paint.

 A few years back I came across this peacock powder room in the pages of House Beautiful. I love the pops of blue and that familiar green intertwined with the gold. And, while it is over the top which is usually not my thing - I just truly love this room!

 So, just bury me in peacock feathers and all will be good!