The Well Made Bed...

Oh, the joys of simplicity. As I get older, I am truly understanding the value of good quality. That to me, does not mean that it is the most expensive or purchased for name brand bragging rights. What it means is good, quality workmanship, true value and lasting, time proven results. It usually does involve an investment but it is worth it's weight in gold in the long run.

One of life's simple pleasures is a well made bed. To be able to crawl under the covers at the end of a long day and relish the feel of good linen makes my heart sing.

Here are my rules for layering a "well made bed." 

Rule #1:

Good, new pillows. I like a combination of down and down alternative, one of each, for sleeping on. Change out your pillows at the very least on an annual basis.  I'll talk about decorative pillows in the last rule...

 Rule #2:

A good, quality featherbed to top your mattress. Quality is key in this layer, don't skimp. This is the foundation for the comfort of your sleeping surface.

Rule #3:

Quality sheets are a must. I love all the selections offered by Matteo, a Los Angeles bedding shop, but covet both the vintage linen and washed sateen sheet sets. Pottery Barn offers a good, quality sheet set in their Classic 400-thread count sheet sets. They are nice and thick with a delicious hand. White is my color of choice but they offer a few more options for those more color inclined.

Rule #4:

A warm blanket, heated or not, to go between your top sheet and the comforter. I like a heated blanket which I turn on prior to climbing in so it is toasty warm.

Rule #5:

A white comforter. Down or down alternative, either works based on your own personal preference. Use with a textured, white duvet cover or use without, then add a punch of color with a quilt, coverlet, or interesting throw. Layering adds comfort and interest.

Rule #6

Wash your bedding sheets weekly. Wash your comforter at least quarterly.

Rule #7

Decorative pillows are the jewelry of the bed making process. I like two euro shams, 2 regular or king shams and then a combination of custom decorative throw pillows. Often, I use vintage european grain sacks as a large single decorative bolster. I love the texture and often vivid color of the striping. I love a lot of white and then bits of color and texture added to create a really welcoming nest!

And that my friends, is the path to a well made bed...and hopefully a good nights sleep.