The Birth of White Oak

Let me catch you up to date, I am living my own version of the seven rings of hell. I keep telling myself that it is good to practice what you preach. Which for me is "change is good," and "do it the right way the first and only time." Well, I find myself, my 6 foot husband, a small Havanese dog and a 17 pound long-haired Siamese cat all living in our master bedroom and bathroom. This, because I insisted we put in all new wood floors throughout our house. Believe me when I say, none of us are happy right now. The upside is that I can reach my coffee pot from my bed. Here are a few pictures after the demolition. Oh, and look there is hope they are starting to lay the first boards. We have a few more days and they should be wrapping it up. It is looking really good and in the end, like childbirth, it will be worth it.

Before Trio Okay, we survived the closest to camping I have experienced in awhile. The floors are done. It only took a total of six days, unfortunately that included a weekend. But, we made it and they are gorgeous! Totally worth a little bit of pain and suffering.

After Trio Sets1

In other news, work continues with a number of projects getting finished up with furnishings. This prompted a trip or two around town and down to Marin. I thought I'd include some of my favorite finds from these trips and sourcing information.

After Trio Sets

One of my all time favorite-furnishing companies is Dovetail. They are out of Los Angeles and offer a large selection of beautifully handcrafted items with a vintage feel. I currently carry them through my design business. Here are a few of my current favorite finds:


On the upholstered front Crate and Barrel has a couple of sofas that I am absolutely in love with. This is their Ellyson Slipcovered Sofa, which comes in a good selection of colors.

Crate & Barrel-ellyson-slipcovered-sofa

And this is their Essex Sofa, which is a lovely take on an English classic piece.

Crate & Barrel-essex-sofa

I adore this Phoenix worktable also from Crate & Barrel. It reminds me of an old PG&E spool that my father used for a dining room table at his home in Inverness. It reads old, passed down and interesting – a really great find at a good price point.

Crate & Barrel-Phoenix Work Table

And, finally incredible special piece that I found in the rows at the Cokas Diko outlet store. it is a Vintage Pitara chest. Truly a special find and one that I hope I can find a home for very soon.

Cokas Diko-Vintage Pitara Chest

Enjoy the hunt for the perfect find!