The Design Trio

Here is the create piece. The last two weeks have been very busy and full with a trio of residential design/renovation projects. One is in the waiting stages. We chose a redesigned floor plan that added square footage and function, made decisions on the majority of the material specification and dropped the permit set plans off at the County to get the go-ahead to start demolition and reconstruction. That is currently taking nine, yes I said nine, weeks. Another lesson in patience. They seem to be everywhere. Another is just beginning with initial meetings and the beginning conversations set around scaled drawings of a new “farmhouse” renovation. That entails working and re-working the floor plan to meet the client’s needs and the limitations we have to work around.

The third is a smaller multiple bathroom renovation with a bit of interior design “sprucing-up” to a few other rooms. We’ve worked out the material details but wanted to add a piece of art in the owner’s office that would add some punch and color to finish the space.

Which got me thinking about how important Art is to me. It runs in my family like a heavy silk thread, showing up in different ways but in each and every one of us. It was the perfect opportunity to add real art to this home and add to their growing collection. Real art can be many things, paintings, drawings, collections, bought, made, simple, complex. But it is made, not mass produced. And, it just has to speak to you. You have to love it and want it in your space.

Bell Trio 2B

The house is set in the Alexander Valley with acreage, barns and sheep. I immediately thought of a young artist from Petaluma, Samantha Buller, who paints beautiful, colorful landscapes. We thought that this barn piece might work, right size, right colors. But, once in the space, it just was not quite the right one. So, Sam is working on a group of pieces which will be completed over the next month and we will look for the perfect piece among them.

Samantha Buller

The curate piece has been the story of continuing to create a library of exceptional knobs and pulls to use on cabinetry and furniture in upcoming design projects. The sourcing locally is somewhat marginal and I think that you really need to see, hold and feel the weight before making a good design decision. Here are my most favorite new curated pieces from ATG Stores:

Bell Trio B

My other curated obsession has been sheets. Crazy, I know. But, I’ve been thinking that we all can’t splurge on everything, and so it got me thinking about what is important to splurge on. I think that one of those important items is good sheets. We spend so many hours of the day in bed, sleeping that it should be a place where you add a touch of luxury. It also made me think back to when I was 14 and I talked my mother into buying me chocolate brown silk sheets for my brand new brass bed. Those are not the sheets I am talking about. But, worth a good chuckle. They did seem amazing back then.

I am talking about exceptional quality, soft hand, well made sheets. My current obsession is Matteo, in Los Angeles.  I ordered a set of white vintage linen sheets. They are delicious, heavy, but not in a negative way. They feel serious, grown up, like something handed down from when things were made to last. I love them! I am going to continue the curation experimentation and will report back on any new splurge worthy recommendations.

October 2014 017

That’s all for now. On to more creating and curating…