Design, space planning and evolution

Website PicAs summer fades and the season turns, it reminds me that all things need to change, evolve and hopefully grow. True in life, true in business. I have spent the summer reworking and updating my website with the help of some very talented women, and it is time to unveil the fresh new look of I truly love change and wanted to add some more social elements to my website like being able to pin any of my design images, and showcase my portfolio. I am so excited to step into a more interactive role with my business by blogging, pinning, and sharing a little more of my designs with a broader audience. Office 1

I created Tama Bell Design in 1998 with a passion for creating beautiful spaces. At the time, I was not focused on building a website for my business or even cognizant of what “blog” was. Let’s be real, 1998 knew nothing of the phrase “Google it”, a noun such as “blogger”, or even the idea of a virtual vision board like Pinterest. Marketing my design services was entrenched in old school advertising and word of mouth.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 8.14.47 PM

In 2003 as the economy began a downward slide and Interior Design projects were getting smaller in scale and challenge I decided to add another skill to my tool belt and got my Real Estate License. My thinking was Real Estate and Interior Design were a natural fit…not so much in the end. I quickly discovered that Real Estate is more of a singular profession requiring a passion all of its own that I did not have. My desire to make people’s spaces both beautiful and functional was much more compelling to me.

DSCN4502 copy

I have returned to my original passion and am no longer actively selling real estate. I am devoting my time to creating beautiful, aesthetic, functional spaces for my clients. Earlier this year I leased an unfinished warehouse in the back of my brokerage firm, renovated the space, and created my design studio. I love the “loft” feel and ample space to collect and curate design materials such as fabric, tile, stone, knobs and pulls and...I could go on and on and on… Even Marley likes it, most days that is.

Marley 3

Now that I have my new design studio and I am settled in to my creative space I have turned some of my focus to marketing my business virtually. My hope is to use as not only a space to see some of my designs but also share my current design obsessions (like my current favorite drawer pull) and provide some quick design ideas that I have discovered along the way, and ultimately take you along with me on a journey into the world I love.



So feel free to pin any image, call me with any question, and subscribe to my blog! I look forward to having a friend with me in this new (to me) technological venue.